Ready to Purchase a Home?

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Pre-Purchase Counseling and Education

All Homebuyer Education Workshops are being instructed ONLINE

 Homeownership is an exciting time for anyone pursuing the American Dream. Studies continue to show individuals who participate in pre-purchase counseling stay in their homes longer than individuals who do not. The purpose of pre-purchase housing counseling is to assist homebuyers in preparing for homeownership and reducing the chances of delinquency and default on the mortgage loan. Our pre-purchase counseling sessions are described below:

Credit Counseling 1-hour Credit Counseling for clients whose middle credit score is under 640. $40
Pre-Purchase (One-to-One) 2-hours Homeownership counseling for clients who must complete prior to closing. $30
Pre-Purchase (Orientation) 2-hours Group Orientation for first-time buyers. Held in Conyers. $30
Homebuyers Education Workshop 8-hours "Instructor-led" Workshops are held on Saturdays from 9-4 p.m. via ZOOM. Free
ONLINE Workshop 8-hours "Self-paced" eHome America Homebuyer Course. Available 24/7. $99

Pre-Purchase Counseling Topics

The following topics will be discussed with first-time homebuyers:

– Money management
– Understanding credit and addressing challenges
– Determining how much home you can afford
– Down Payment Assistance Programs

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Homebuyer Education Topics

– Understanding the home buying and mortgage application process
– How to evaluate mortgage products
– The role of the Lender, Realtor, Appraiser, Home Inspector, and more.
– Considerations when selecting your Homeownership Team
– Rights and responsibilities of homeowners as compared to renters
– Evaluating neighborhoods and home location
– Cost of housing and transportation based on the type and location of the home
– The terms of the mortgage loan and purchase contract
– Resources to assist with homeownership affordability including down payment

– Home repair and maintenance and the importance of the home inspection
– Avoidance of mortgage delinquency and default
– Avoiding frauds and scams
– Information on discriminatory housing and mortgage lending practices
– The rights and remedies available under applicable fair housing laws